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Situational Team Leadership - Potential Scenario

​Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in an important business initiative or task force in your organization. Your boss tells you that your leadership will be needed on this cross-functional team. You’re pleased about being selected. Then reality sinks in. You realize that this could mean spending a lot of time with people you don’t know very well, who don’t report to you, and who may have competing agendas. These colleagues each have different styles of communication. Different functional skills. And a different stake in the success of this team. It happens all the time. A diverse group of individuals are thrown together to accomplish a business goal, sometimes to define and make recommendations about what to do next. What you do next will have a huge impact on your team’s success. You can ensure success with Situational Team Leadership. This program is a unique process for team development and performance. A tool you can use to synchronize team members and the processes that move them through predictable stages of team development. Faster. More successfully.

LEARNING DESIGN Situational Team Leadership is a core framework of five steps employing several research-based models and strategies. 

Situational Team Leadership

• Increases team success
• Empowers team members to work more effectively together
• Targets strategies for effective teamwork • Enhances team relationships and communication
• Improves productivity and morale

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